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To ensure safety and accurate processing of client’s fund, BetamaxFX developed E-wallet System

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    BetamaxFX offers wide range
    of distinct investment packages to suite people of all income class.

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    options for fast and easy transaction.

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    Our auto-trading cover wide range of market.


BetamaxFX offers a variety of account types with highly competitive trading conditions.
We strive to provide our clients with best account types which will meet the needs of traders.
  • Beginner
    Auto Trade
    1.2% Daily
    Up to 1:1,000
    Auto Trade
    3.5% Daily
    Up to 1:1,000
    Auto Trade
    4.8% Daily
    Up to 1:1,000


All deposits and withdrawals are made through Cryptocurrencies(Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin etc.


One of our utmost importance is maintaining the security of our clients' funds.

We deposit clients' fund into segregated accounts with leading global Tier 1 banks. With our risk management program in place, we will always keep our clients’ funds safe.

  • Segregated Client Account

    With our segregated account in place, all of our client’s fund will be deposited and secured in segregated account. The account is completely separated from company’s own operational account and under no circumstances the company will have access to the segregated account for company’s own use. The client’s fund is stored safely, separately in reputable Chinese, Malaysia banking institutions.

  • Protection through the Investor Compensation Fund

    Our clients are entitled for compensation for any claims made due to the inability or failure of the member of the Fund to fulfill its financial obligations. Securing claims depends on various factors and please check eligibility of securing claims.

  • LFSA Regulatory Standards

    BetamaxFX is a licensed broker, and regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA). We diligently submit all financial reports to LFSA and operate in accordance with their strictest standards. The money broking license offered by LFSA Malaysia is quite unique in the way that the license approves STP-only business model.


Enjoy wide range of Bonus Programs available.

Choose from any bonus programs and enjoy the benefits!
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  • Refer a Friend

    Refer a friend to us and
    get bonus up to $50 per friend referred.

  • 30% Deposit Bonus

    Make first time deposit on your account and
    enjoy our free deposit bonus.

  • No Commission

    To provide better trading environment to our
    clients, our funding options are commission free.


We will provide a wide range of trading
instruments and the best trading environment.
  • Forex(Currency Pairs)

    Global OTC market with trading volume by far the largest in the world. The market is open 24 hours a day for 5 days a week and incredibly liquid. BetamaxFX offers 48 currency pairs to trade. The currency market is quite transparent. Since the market is so large with many participants, no single entity can corner the market by controlling the market price.

  • Metals

    Did you know that more than 75% of the elements in the periodic table are metals?
    Metals are used everywhere in building construction, power storage and manufacturing essential items. We see precious metals such as gold and silver everywhere in our daily life. Gold is traded widely around the world. One of the key feature gold offers is that it can be used as inflation protection. With BetamaxFX, you can Trade mostly traded base-metals and precious metals such as gold, silver, and copper.

  • Energies

    The energy market especially crude oil is incredibly active and volatile. Crude oil is known to many investors all around the world and provide trading opportunities to day trader or even for long term traders. Energy price affects other assets and at the same time, it is also affected by other assets such as USD as it is traded in USD globally.

  • Indices

    Indices are baskets of individual shares and often represents economy of certain industry or country. Single share cannot be used for analyzing economy of the country. But, by averaging a basket of shares representing certain economy can be used for analysis. Indices are widely used for speculative trading as well as hedging.

  • Stocks

    Stock trading has been popular for decades and investors have been trading shares for long time.
    Do you want to build a portfolio with lot of different asset classes? BetamaxFX offers stock trading opportunity on major global companies.

  • Cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrency trading involves exchanging one cryptocurrency for another. It has some similarities to forex trading as it is traded 24 hours a day. Despite its short history, trading volume, market capital and value of major cryptocurrencies have increased significantly. With industries adopting blockchain technologies, new currencies have exploded in recent years due to its popularity. With BetamaxFX, you can trade major cryptocurrencies without mining them.

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30% Deposit Bonus

Make first time deposit on your account and enjoy our free deposit bonus.

Maximum bonus amount up to US $10,000.
Minimum Lots Traded = First time deposit amount / 20.

e.g) The first time deposit amount is US $1,000, minimum lots traded is 1,000/20
= 50 Lots for 22 business days since first deposit made.

Bonus is not credit. It is fully deposited to clients account to use for any transactions.
The balance of the client's account must be maintained to be eligible for the bonus.


Risk warning: FX and CFD trading involves a high risk of loss.
By clicking this button, we consider that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions for bonus program below.

Terms and Conditions of 30% First Time Deposit Bonus

BetamaxFX 30% first time deposit bonus(herinafter referred to as the “The Promotion” is for new clients to BetamaxFX participating in trading of tradable assets provided by BetamaxFX. By participating in this bonus program, client agrees and bound by this terms and condition.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Every new client that makes first time deposit to BetamaxFX is eligible for 30% first time deposit for total rebate upto $3,000.
  2. The client must be a new client to BetamaxFX and eligible to open and trade with BetamaxFX.
  3. The deposit must be the client’s first time deposit to the client’s live trading account with BetamaxFX.
  4. Accept the terms and condition of promotion.

Trading Terms

  1. The promotion is applicable to all tradable products provided by BetamaxFX.
  2. The promotion is applicable to live trading account only. Demo trading account is not eligible for this promotion.
  3. The promotion is eligible to only one live trading account per client which client registered when applied for the promotion.
  4. If the client has multiple accounts with BetamaxFX, transferring between clients accounts or eWallet is not considered as deposit.
  5. The promotion is applicable to the very first deposit client makes.
  6. The promotion is applicable for the first time deposit of the client, subject to this being made during the promotion period.

Specific Trading Terms of Promotion

  1. The rebate of 30% of the deposit is calculated on the very first time deposit made by new client as one transaction. Multiple deposits cannot be summed. Rebate of 30% first time deposit bonus is limited to USD $10,000 or equivalent to one client during the promotion period.
  2. For 22 business days since the first deposit made, the client needs to meet requirement for minimum number of lots traded to be eligible for the rebate. The minimum number of lots traded depends on the amount of the first time deposit made by the client. The equation for minimum number of lots traded is [First time deposit amount / 20 = required minimum number of lots traded]. If the value of the client’s required lots is not in whole number, it will be rounded up to a whole number.
  3. The clients must maintain the balance of their account equivalent to, or greater than the first deposit amount. If the client’s first time deposit was USD $1,000, on 22nd business day since the first deposit, the equity at the end of the day must be equivalent or greater than USD $1,000 to be eligible for bonus rebate.
  4. On 22nd business day from the client’s first deposit, at the end of the day, the client’s account and transaction records will be reviewed to examine the possibility of bonus rebate.
  5. The bonus will be paid into the client’s registered live account upon meeting eligibility requirements, on 23rd business day from the first deposit.
  6. The client is free to make withdrawal on the live trading account registered for promotion rebate once bonus rebate has been granted.
  7. Once the client is granted with 30% rebate, client is free to use the rebate as margin or even make withdrawal.
  8. The promotion is limited to new clients. However, new clients introduced or referred through partnership program or Introducing Broker is not eligible for the promotion.
  9. Hedged tradings/positions are not considered for the minimum required lots traded.


  1. In the event of any dispute and/or misrepresentation is made in relation to this applicable terms of promotion, such dispute and/or misrepresentation shall be resolved by BetamaxFX in its sole and absolute discretion. When resolving the dispute and/or misrepresentation, BetamaxFX will act in good faith and the act is deemed fit and proper. The decisions made by BetamaxFX to resolve the dispute and/or misrepresentation shall be final and binding.
  2. BetamaxFX reserves right to disqualify any client who participates in this promotion at its absolute discretion. BetamaxFX has right to withdraw any benefits provided to client or any profit gained by this promotion with immediate notice if client breached any of following.
    • - A breach of these terms and condition for the promotion and general terms and condition.
    • - If BetamaxFX believe there has been misuse of this promotion by client.
    • - If the client acts in bad faith and/or participated in fraudulent activity and/or any manner that is not in line with this promotion and BetamaxFX’s policy.
  3. After the bonus has been granted to client, the client is eligible to use the benefit for trading, withdrawal or any activity.
  4. If the client acts in bad faith and/or participated in fraudulent activity and/or any manner that is not in line with this promotion and BetamaxFX’s policy, the bonus will be reversed and all transactions executed and/or profits or losses garnered therein will be nullified. In this case any trading account or demo account under the client will be suspended, cancelled or terminated.
  5. If this terms and conditions for the promotion is translated to any other languages than English, the English version shall be the final and binding.